Monday, November 04, 2013

Book: Sapphire Blue

I was so happy to get my hands on this book! I loved the first one so much! If you have not read this first book stop reading this review and get it! Ruby Red is the first book that have truly loved since harry potter and The Narnia series. It was everything a book should be.
With this book I was very hopeful that it would be as good as the first. But I was also very worried that this book would be a huge let down. As I said this is the first book I have really felt that MAGIC spark.
 And I am proud to say that this book was just as good. Some how it is just the right mix of everything. Something that I love in this book is how that is not all about the love story. The love story is just kinda there. Which was nice because I have a guy friend ( who also blogs here from time to time) also read this book and liked that about it. It is so nice to read a book about that is about the story and not just the love story. Is it to much to ask of YA to be about the story and to have a good hero at the same time? Most of the time yes it is to much. But this book gives me just what I am missing. And believe me it is such a nice feeling. I like the love stories and all. But there is nothing quite so good as a book with a good story and flow to it. And that is something that this book has. I feel like anyone would read these books and like them. There is a reason that these are international best sellers.
Reading the book I have to say I really like Gwen. There is a very fine line to walk in YA when it comes to the main character. And though Gwen might not be the most original I still really liked her. She has a very normal way of looking at things. And she is very funny too.
And I love how with this book I never see what is going to happen next. The flow to it was so different from the other books I read.
There is just something so magical about the book.  If you have not read this series it is the only series that I think all my readers should good a chance.

( YA-  13 and up )

Stars: * * * *  4. 4                                                   LEVEL: Almost - not quite Harry Potter magic


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I haven't started the series yet, but hoping to get them soon, since I keep hearing how good they are. I really love a good romance within YA books, but it does get annoying when it takes over a book, so glad that it sounds like it doesn't. Great review. :)

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

    1. Yes, so good! I would say pick it up as soon as you can!
      THANKS so much for stopping by

  2. I've not read this series yet. Time travel, oh it sounds interesting. Besides the cover is so pretty (if I'm not mistaken the covers for all three books are all matching). I just wish this series ends with a happy ending because sometimes time travel usually ends up with one person gets stuck in the past and the other gets stuck in the future =(

    1. my bad, I mean I hope this one has a happy ending since I have no idea how it ends.

    2. All the covers are beautiful and matching.
      And yes I agree one hundred percent on the hoping that the last book ends well.
      I just started it so stay tuned for the review :)Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. you had me at harry potter level.. That's all I want to say. Anyways haven't started this series yet but very intrigued by it now

  4. I like the sound of Gwen as a character.


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