Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book: Find Me

This book had a wonderful start giving me much hope that it would be something wonderful and memorable.  The writing drew me in right away. I have never read anything else by  Ms Bernard but her writing was very strong. In moments of action she really pulled you in and knew the timing and pacing of it very well.  It was her story telling that needed work. There is so much to the story that was just... off. Nothing about the story seemed to be coming from the heart.  The forced love story drove me mad! Most people think that you have to have a love story to get YA readers or else your story will be totally unsellable. But in the case of this book I feel that if the love story was cut out all together you would have a much better chance at getting readers.
Also if the book had know felt like a rip off of all the other poplar YA books out there I would have liked it.  If you are going to rip off other poplar books that pretty much everyone has read then you need to at the very least do it with a good character leading the story. I did like somethings about Wicked but the fact that she did not go and get help at some points in this book drove me crazy. And the fact that she stayed pretty much the same person from start to finish. Also though I did love the hacking part of the story it felt pretty weak at times. and I found it hard to believe that Wicked was this great hacker. A lot of what she did seemed to be on the more basic side of hacking.
But what I did like about Wicked was how she was a nice mix of being that strong- kick-butt main character and the softer sweeter main character. In that sense she felt real. And since so many YA authors seem to miss that when writing a main character it was really nice to see that Ms. Bernard got that right.
 But there are many things I did like in the book. Like some of the twist even if I did kinda see them coming. Or Lily. I really liked her.  And the mystery part of the story was great.  The way the diary was worked into the story was awesome.
Over all I think fans of Mysteries or readers who need a break from the fluffy reads ( but who don't want to jump in to really hard heavy stuff ) will like this. Is this book flawed yes - but the flaws do not take away from the points of the book.

( YA - 14 and Up)

Stars: * * *  3.0                            Level: Read At Your Own Risk

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

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