Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Movie: Inception

This movie movie push movies to the cliff! this movie is just breathtaking. You feel for Cobb and you hope for him and you get mad. and you might get lost. I am happy to say that thanks to having a life lived in movies help me not to get lost and even to guess the ending. if you have seen the movie then you do not believe but it is true.  but any way this movie rock and it  should win the Oscar just for taking movies the next level ( Haha this movie really goes to level 5 if you know what I mean). If you love stories then you have to see this movie! even if you do not like movies. really it is a movie that every one has to see. it is great to talk about at parties when you can think of any thing else to say. the cast was great. I loved Leo's side-kick. he rocked! I did not like Ellen Page so much in this movie. I think that she was the best they could get but not the best for the part.This movie is every thing that Avatar should have been. now some of you might not like the movie but that is only because you do not get how breath taking! I love this movie! it is just dazzing! I love it! only downer was I felt that miss. Page was out of place. but other then that great movie! Nolan is a screenplay God!

( PG-13. for action, and very hard thought if you ask me also some images that might scare younger kids. or kjust kids,)
Stars:* * * * * 5.0

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  1. This movie rocks! but sadly no one gets its! Did you get it? other then that it was pretty good. i did not like the cast very much!


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