Friday, October 22, 2010

Book: Star Wars:Wild Space

Okay ,Okay I know what you are thinking " Why is DaydreamerN's  doing a review of this?" Well here is why, DaydreamerN has a  brother ( that would be me DaydreamerC). So when I read this book I thought I would review it.
It is really good. I love Si-Fi.  And this book is pretty good.  I like how funny this book is. But there was some parts I could not Like. Like how they went on and on.But this is only  a book for fans of the TV show  I  think that is was nice to read because Star wars is one of the best Si-Fi movie and books out there. They are full of story. So I say this is a great book for fans of the TV show. And for fans of the movies try the TV show( and I mean watch more then just  few sec of it). and fans of Si-fi try the  Star wars movies.  really they are much better then you might think!
(YA-13 and up)
STARS: * * * * 4

Reviewed By DaydreamerC

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