Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movie:The Proposal

 This movie rocks.  it is one of the best movies EVER! a most see for every one! it is just to funny. I love the cast. the story. the every thing! this shows us movies at there best. this is a movie that will be loved for years and years and years to come. it is one of the movies that you never get tried of. ever! you can watch it  any time any where. that is when you know you have a good movie. and best of all it is a movie that every one will love!
if you have not see this movie you have to! it is just the best there is!
and the poster ROCKS

PG-13 ( I think it is okay for 12 and up. but maybe that is just me)

Stars:  * * * * * 5.0


  1. I love this movie! Betty White is just great! she rocks this movie!

  2. The movie is really cute. And yes Betty is the hole movie. But the rest of the cast was really good too :).
    Thanks for reading my blog!


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