Monday, September 27, 2010

Book:The Indigo Notebook

  When I first read the  inside of the book.I thought  I would not like it. but I really  liked it.  there was a lot of good in the book. it really should that just because you might think every one does some thing. does not mean they do. it was great to read about this place. and know that  it is true. that the people do really look that way  she tells you. I like how she thinks she wants the every day life. but than she  thinks about and she does have any every day life for her. But there where some things in there that I did not like. like how she   was up all night with that one boy. but  I liked  almost every thing else. it really tells you   what that world is like over this world. that nothing is the same. I can not wait to read the next book! I really love this book! so if you like a book that will take you to know fun places. this is a must read book for you!

(YA-14 and up)
STARS: * * * * 4.2

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