Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Movie:Star Trek:In To Darkness

As some of you may know I'm a huge fan of the new star trek movies. I have seen the first one by J.J. way to many times and still love it. Plus Im a big fan of Sherlock so I was over the moon about the casting. And might I say that this movie blows it out of the park! its awesome. I would have liked more of Zoe but thats just me.
J.J. is a great. though it seems like the flares get stronger and stronger with every movie he makes. I can not tell you how many times I saw it in the movie. Not that I mind it I my self am  big fan of the look but I have had to yell that my aunt and uncle that there is nothing wrong with their TV it is the film way to many times during the first movie. Which I'm sure is likely to happen again with this one. 
But that aside I have to say I loved Ben. He just was awesome. He is the next huge actor if you ask me. I think that after seeing this and sherlock and tinker taylor I could watch him in just about anything and be happy. Plus the clothes they had him wearing in the film was just awesome. it made him look tall and skinny and kinda creepy. Now at this point you are thinking I have a crush on him which I do not. He is not my type I am just a very big fan of someone that talented. actors like him aren't found everyday. And so far he seems to be a pretty level headed guy. Who we can only hope knows how lucky he is and does not lose it. Because that would really suck when it comes time to rewatch the movie in years to come. 
and of course Star Trek fans are going to be in love with him for years to come. 


Star: * * * 4.2

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