Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Movie:Hello Herman

As you all know I am a big fan of the small indie films. I love to watch movies by really filmmakers none of the hollywood bs in it. And the story of this really cough my eye. It seems everyday we hear more and more about school shootings. And I can't help but think of my self and my friends and family. What if they are next? So a film that talks about that and gives us a different look in to that is something that I want to see. Even more so when there is nothing Hollywood about it. The first thing I want to point out is that the film was made two years ago. A lot has happened since then. People are talking about it more.
As for the film its self it was good. The down fall of the film was Michelle Danner.Not only as the director but also as an actor I felt. First of all 30 minutes of the film need to be recut. They just lack a flow there is nothing holding the story together and the timing is all off. I get that they wanted to do something hip and kind of like Christopher Nolan a little bit but it missed its mark. Next some of the casting was off. The news man was terrible. Almost unwatchable. same with blonde lady that wanted Herman to died on TV. Which was sad because the rest of the cast was really good. Even Herman who I was unsure of at first. In all the areas where it seemed like Michelle Danner was not doing the work the film seemed to work. But I felt that though the film tries not to tell you what made Herman do this She as the filmmaker should have put a little more of what she felt caused it than she did. When She talked about the film in an interview she said the film shows us how we are letting our children fall through the cracks. And I wish that would have been in the film. I wish that the film did not flip-flop with what made Herman who he is. That falls on the screenwriter and Michelle Danner. Also Someone should have done something to the Lax. I mean really? With a film that is this hard and really deals with something as hard as this I wish that they would have kept the name something simple and not full of a bad joke.
But other than that I feel that the film is really worth watching. It makes us think about our lives and I feel that it helps us see things a little differently. Because it is no way right what Herman did but it is in no way right for us to sit back and let these things happen. We do need to do something unless we want this to keep happening. And the film shows us that we all are made of good and evil and we have to make the choice about which we are going to be. And that the things we do even the things we do not think about change people.
This film stayed with me for along time after the last credit rolled. And I think it will do the same for you. Its a film that is far from wonderful but to me the good out weighs the bad big time.

( R - The story is about a high school shooting. There is lots of talk about shooting,showing of bloody video games,  use of the F word and so on.)
Stars:  * * * 3.4

You can watch the movie now by hitting the link below( a link to films site)  or rent it
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