Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book: Rock What You've Got

 Okay here is another self help book that I think is a must read for all Teen girls.  so before I tell you about the review I have to tell you why I read it and how I felt about my self. I have always been happy with who I am as a human, but never with how a look.But this book changed all of that. I think it will do the same for you.I did not see eye to eye with every thing. I do not think we can say Dolls and TV made us think this way about our self.but I see  eye to eye with every thing else.I think that this book can help you feel good.really read it! even if you  love your body read it for fun. there is not harm in trying this book!

(Teen-14 and up)
Star:  * * * *  4.4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie: You Again

You Again is a laugh out loud movie! a cute sweet movie.Great cast. I love this movie. It's not a life changing movie.but it is a really fun. And who can't love a Betty white movie?! This is not a great movie. But it's fun. As a great as hard movies Are some time we need a break. And this is just the movie to break with. All though the thinks in the movie would really go down like that. It's still fun.over all pretty good movie. And a must watch if you like chick ficks.


Star:*** 3.7

Friday, April 08, 2011

Book: Wish Upon A Time

 So I picked up this book for the cover. then the inside  cover stole my heart.I could not wait to read this book. And as I was reading I found my self in a book of greatness.  this is a sister book ( for me) too The Lion, The Witch and Harry Potter. this book is free. It is beautiful. it had me daydreaming about why not?  it had me crying at its Magic and dreams.  Eyelash is not like every other story book girl. and this is a story that should be read and love by the hole world. it is a book that will send kids in to the world of dreams. I love the way that  they match the really world and this world! I love this! This book is just great. I like  the story and the writing style. a lot. I like how it shows us war and how bad it really is. this is a book all of you must read! Top  of the list book. This is a book that kids will love years and years and years to come. This book is just great! when I say ever one should read it I mean every one! it is a must read! every should it will change your life. you will dream like never before! and the end was just as good as the rest! you have to give the good a try I really try! this book will steel you heart!
( YA-11 I guess but mostly 13 and up)
Stars: * * * * * * * * 5.0 but it should be more.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Book: Rich and Mad

this was as bad as it sounds. I was hoping for something good but all I got was a book to a bad ABCfamily movie. If you love ABCfamily dramas then you might like this book. And you might not. It is not all that great. I like how there was Mad Then Richs side of the story. And I hated Grace. If you want to read this book I can give you a list of book that to read. This book just goes to show you that screenplay writers should almost never write a book for teens. EVER! Get it!! Good! That is not to say he was not a good writer.bits just that screenwrites have to much going on. They write books like movies. And it does not always work right. Sometimes it does. And in a case like this on it does not. It work at some parts in this because of that.but mosty not.this book did have some good things though, in like Kitty. She was cute. And I liked Leo. Now before you go jumping down on me like a pack of mad wolfs! I only liked because I think that it can help lots of young women everywhere. But I did not like anything else about this book.
Over all not really very good.
(YA-15 and up)
Stars:** 2.6


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