Monday, July 26, 2010


 Well  it was the cover and the name that made me want to read this book. and it was good but not great. as you can guess. it is a very nice book for a first time writer. but there where some things what where and are off. like all the wine. no teen and I mean no teen should have all that wine. and I do not think that it should have been in the book so much. it might give some teens the wrong idea. Its little things like that in her story that don't add up and it really took away from the book.
so over all the book was pretty good. not great. I hope to see more from the writer.
it is a good book for some one  how has lost a brother or sister.  it is not a bad but it is just not great
like beastly. but if you have lost some one you love then this book might help. the end was good. not great but good. I like how the tell you to let go. but in a good nice way. not a mean way. because ever one has a hard time with the death of some one they love.
so over all pretty good.PS. do not hit the cover. you can not look inside. it was the only cover I could find.
( YA- 14 and up)
STARS:  * * 2.4


  1. this book is good. but it is just like ever other wish book out there. it is not one I would read again any time soon.


  2. this book is like 2 stars. it is fine for a first timer but not great.

  3. i read this book and it was a nice book like you said. however i do disagree with you with the wine. its not that i promote teenage drinking or anything. what i disagree with is the there is drinking and talk of alcohol it does not mean every teenager will go out and start drinking. Also, just because you do not talk about alcohol in the book it does not mean that teenagers will not drink it. same as sex, if we do not talk about it does not happen, how wrong are we.

  4. thank you for telling me what you think. I think it is fine for some teens to drink a little wine. I have had some. I think it is good to talk about it.
    it is just that at the party where her mom works they gave a teen girl wine? it was just off. that was all I was trying to say.
    Thanks again for reading my blog and tell me what you think. I always love to hear what every one has to say :)


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