Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book:Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs (#3)

 Well I love the books. but after reading book 2 I want to take a little break from them. I was like "  There is a new man girl! like really? that is not fun or new! " so I did not read it. but I was in need of a book that was not in New York .
 so I did not have as much fun reading this one as I did 1 and 2. but I did like it was I was reading it. it helped me see that some times you have to do that your mom and dad tells you. and that goes stars more then ever one else.  I just wish that the story could have been more new and not just like all of the SMHL books.  but it did show that just because some on was nice does not mean that they will always be that way.  so  yes I do not like cat fights. I do not like that this book was all about it. I hope the next book is not all about it too. but other then that I really liked it.  it was nice to see Kaitlin  and her boyfriend get closer. one thing I loved in it was that Sky told Kaitlin some thing. that thing is some times you just have to let life Happen. that that is some thing ever one needs to get. that life is life and just let it be. that was one really cool thing about the  shows us and makes us think about things we would not think about with out it. like if you are not on FA you do not know what is really going on with the stars so do not take sides. things like that. over all pretty good book. not as good as 1 and 2.

( YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * / 
Pages: 314


  1. yeah. it is pretty good. did you read book one and two??


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