Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie: Avatar

Well when I first came out of the movie. I hated it. I just thought it was not the movie ever one said it was. it was not the love story I thought would be.
but slowly I can to like it. I like the first of the movie. but not the rest. the end was not fun to watch.but it did show that all we care for is money ( which money is not a bad thing but we are not doing good things with it).  I think the movie was okay to tell you the truth.yes, I can see how cool it is but it was not as good as Titanic. that was a movie. it had good story cool si-fi stuff. this movie was more just si-fi stuff.good movie to watch like once a year but not really more then that.
( PG-13 it is okay for like 11 and up)
STARS:* * * * * ( just for the Si-fi stuff)

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