Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book:luxe:The Luxe (#1)

Well it was okay. I only really looked at it beucause of the dress. the cover of the book tells you a lot about it. like the cover it is over the top and over done. and it is trying to be some thing it is not.There is not much to say for the book. just that if you like gossip girl you like this. I though it was just another book. the idea is newer then some so in that way it was fun to read.But I thought there was a little to much drama for a book. maybe a TV show but not a YA book.

Stars:  * * *3



  1. I like gossip girl, twilight and this. this book is very good!. daydreamer I love the new page!

  2. I did not like it. I have read this book and book 2. they are not what ever one thinks they are. so really if your smart you will not read this book.


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