Monday, November 29, 2010

Book: The Life & Opinions Of Amy Finawitz

 This book is not a great work.But it is a great fun read. it was like talking to a best friend for me. Amy is a fun girl. a Diva. but fun. and her plays are just great! I really liked this book. it is not like every Teen ( or YA) book out there. I like all the plays.  i think that they are a really funny. they made the book for me. the story was not that great. again just life. but Amy makes they book. I think that she is a  bit of an idiot my self. But once you get over that the book is pretty good. I like the book. but I thought Anna's Secret was OK. not as cool as I thought it was.  but over all the book was pretty good. not great. but it was really funny. I liked  Amy and how she changed for the start to the end.

(YA- 12 and Up)
Stars:* * * 3.7

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