Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book: 39 Clues:In To The Into the Gauntlet (#10)

 This book started off great but end poorly. I love these books.  so they are no Harry Potter but they are great fun reads for teens. it is great because guys and girls can read them. so my Brother and I were not happy to hear this was the last one.  this book was great but the end SUCKED! it left  me feeling  like a black hole of nothing. it told killed the book for me.I mean they had they really cool place the test. Isabelle. But they did not have the big Thin Man tell all that they should have. the end was to life sized for a lager than life book like this.and they did not even have they family really come together. they the how Dan with the 39 Clues thing was silly. so for fans of the books a must read. and if you have not read the books you must.  but do not get your hopes up for the ending the world has ever seen.

( YA- 12 and up)

STARS: * * *  2 for the ending. 5 for every thing else.3 over all.

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