Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book:Sea Change

I really liked it!! it was so so better then Twilight was. it was like the better book of twilight. if you do or do not like twilight I think you will like this book. it is a book about love, life and change. and they show that at the time it might be hard but in the end things will work out for all for the better. and the way it is done tells us about it all of it. I think it is a book all girls or boys who are having a hard time with life or love or just any thing should read it. like I said if you like twilight you will love this. if you hate twilight you will love it.i think almost ever one will love it. so read it. go out and get it. read it and love it! just like me. because it is not a big fat wast of time!
Stars: * * * * *


  1. dear daydreamer,
    I am reading it. I love twilight. and you are right. I am loving it. it is better. thank you soooo much. do you know of some other books I might like???

  2. dear reader,
    I am very happy you like the book. you might like gateway or this other book I am reading right now called ' the luxe'. keep reading!


  3. I really loved this book!! a lot of you should read it! it is a very good book!!


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