Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Book: Dash and Lily's book of dares

This book was pretty good. I do not know if I like every thing in the book. it was good. the Ending was a little odd. it just end that part of Lily's and dash's life. i love the idea of the red note book. The story played out like life really does. and it was very fun to read and hard at other parts. I think how the book was told was good. having there be two people writing two people really makes things better and cooler to read.The book is nice for you see that there are to sides to every story. I really want to cohn's and levithan's books after this one ( yes. I have not seen or read Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.but I will now). a sweet X-mas break book. short but sweet in a good way. over all a good book. great for people who want to read about really life really love and that sometimes you just have to see things to the end before you break your own heart over it.

(YA-15 and up. For bad words and some sex talk and teenage stuff.)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

Reread:Book: Gateway

I loved this book the first time I read it. and I have to say I was so happy to hear that with was going to be the club book pick for March.
And so yes there are things wrong with this book. but I love it. i think that this  great. it is  sweet story. but after talking about it with the group. the book could use some work. I would like to see more from the story and the writer  soon. hopefully we can see  a GateWay 2 some time soon.

Book Club Talk:   no one really fell in love with the book like me. but some liked it others hated. one thing we all thought is that there should be a book two.and in it they should  find out that the bad guy in this book is really working for  the Bad God. and so they have to go from world to world trying to find the works of the bad God. and The Main girl and Guy of this book also be looking for a world where they can get married and have kids!!! we all thought that would be the best idea there is.

( YA-11)
Group Stars:  * *  * 2.6
My Stars: * * * * 4.7


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