Saturday, December 05, 2009

Book: The Mysterous benedict socitey and the prisoner's dilemma

it was great for a book. but not so good for a benedict book. it was like book one and two.just like. there was no new story to it. it was not the book I was hoping it would was like book and two with out the magic in it. and that was not fun. so I say read book one and two and three. but three is not AS good as one and two. and yes I did Love it as a book. but as a benedict book I liked it.
Stars: * * * * *
( Kids/YA)


  1. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  2. Dear Day Dreamer, i absolutly love this series tooooooooooooo! Have you read all of the books? They are great i cant wait for more recomendations

  3. Dear reader,
    I have read all the books. they are really good. if you like these you might like Enola holmes or the Theodosia books. they are both very fun and are a lot like these books.
    have fun reading!


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